Director's Message

Rejection. It’s part of every actor’s resumeé. Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Robert de Niro and the other greats; they’ve all been rejected at some stage. Turned down for roles that went to other actors.

I’ve auditioned and landed some roles, and I’ve also been rejected many times. Sometimes it’s hard to take but you keep plugging away, waiting for a positive result. After a string of unsuccessful auditions in early 2018 I became impatient and decided this was the time to make my own film. Give myself the role.

My sister Trish had written a short story in 2001 called ‘The Date to Remember’. I loved it and always remembered it. I asked if I could use the kernel of her story for my film and so she became part of the project. ‘April 9th’ was born.

I needhelp to get the project rolling and so approached my friend Martina who had a lot of experience in business management and luckily - some time on her hands. She said, “But Tom, I’ve never made a film before”. I replied, “Neither have I”. “Ok” she said, “I’m on board. Let’s do it”.

I won’t go into all the trials and tribulations we encountered, suffice to say that we did some fundraising, gathered a crew of mostly amateurs, auditioned and found some great actors and called in a few favours along the way. Almost two years after the idea first came to me, we finally finished our film and are now submitting to festivals around the globe.

So this is where I sign off by thanking everyone who has been involved; from those who turned up at our fundraising events and dipped into their pockets; to those who gave their time and helped out once in a while, and to all the cast and crew who made this film not just a possibility, but a reality.

I am very proud and very thankful.